Reading Recommendations — Red Night

Available on Wattpad

Synposis:  A female private investigator stumbles upon a vampire while while investigating an affair for one of her clients.  Now she’s having strange dreams, there is evidence that someone has been in her home, and she just may have taken the interest of more than one creature of the night.

Overall Story Quality:  This is a fun read.  There are a lot of familiar elements in this story, but they are twisted in combined in a unique enough way that they cater to the aimed audience rather than falling into the category of cliche’.

It is a definite work in progress, and thus areas that could use some improvement.  At times the characters seem ignorant for the sake of the plot which forces the reader to either think the character is an idiot or lives in an alternate dimension where vampire myths exist but are far more obscure than they are in our world.

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Reading Recommendations – Devil Went Down

Available on: Amazon  Price:  $4.95 on Kindle

Synposis:  Lucifer’s servant, the devilishly handsome Dameon Capello is assigned to seduce, impregnate and abandon the sweet and innocent Emma Clare Grace.  The problem is that she is awakening feelings in him, and he’s struggling to complete his mission.

Overall Story Quality:  A real page turner.  There are elements of this story that I do wish she would have lingered on longer, but overall Sheri succeeds in telling a very unique and original paranormal romance told from the male prospective.   Part 1 is great.  While Part 2 is entertaining, I prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist.  It feels more contrived and had events that had me shouting “No!!!!!!”

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Recommended Reads – The Ghost Files

Ghost Files by April Baker

Available on Wattpad and Amazon and $0.00 on Kindle.

Synposis:  Sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway likes to pretend she’s normal, but she’s not.  She sees ghosts.  But when the ghost of her foster sister appears to her at a party, she teams up with with a young police officer to investigate what happened to Sally.

Overall Story Quality:  The story utilizes a number of themes that are very common in fiction and TV but combine them in a way that feels fresh and interesting.  There are a few points where the real life elements of the story that aren’t realistic, but overall they didn’t take me too far out of the story.  When it comes to the foster children missing and showing up as ghosts to Mattie, I did not feel like I got to know them well enough to even distinguish which ghost is which.  But overall these weaknesses didn’t stop me from reading.  I very much found this to be a fun read.

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Reading Recommendation — Sweetening of the Pill

Holly Grigg-Spall in many ways is completely different from me. She’s not religious, she’s a feminist, pro choice, and someone who spent a good part of her life on hormonal contraceptives. She has no anti-contraceptive agenda, no religious bias to promote a religious ideal. And this, in my opinion, makes her book, Sweetening the Pill – How we got hooked on hormonal birth control, one I would highly recommend for any woman to read, Catholic or not.

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