Book of the month (and why I haven’t been blogging)


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I haven’t been blogging because I’m been writing . . . a novel.  I’ve been writing this novel for well over a couple of years, but pushing myself to find the time to write has been a challenge.  It’s so easy to get sucked into a topic I’m obsessing about for a day or sucked into reddit.  The internet just beckons you away.

Recently though I signed up for Wattpad and am now releasing a chapter a week.  I’m about 8 chapters ahead of what I currently have published.  My goal is to stay far ahead of myself and thus to motivate myself to finish it.

Whether I publish the whole thing on wattpad or pursue self-publishing currently depends on how well the book does on wattpad.  I was considering traditional publishing but the book market seems rather temperamental.  I’m simply not sure if it’s worth it or if it fits for my goals.  Plus there is the fact that I’ve put it on wattpad.  I’ve heard that publishers and agents like hearing about success you’ve had on wattpad, but they prefer to publish new work rather than stuff that has already been available for free.

But, anyway!  I did recently compete in a book competition on the “Chosen by You book club” blog and won Book of the Month.  So . . . Woot!

Here’s the audio sample of the first chapter again.

Continue reading on Wattpad (link takes you to chapter 2.)


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