Reading Recommendations — Red Night

Available on Wattpad

Synposis:  A female private investigator stumbles upon a vampire while while investigating an affair for one of her clients.  Now she’s having strange dreams, there is evidence that someone has been in her home, and she just may have taken the interest of more than one creature of the night.

Overall Story Quality:  This is a fun read.  There are a lot of familiar elements in this story, but they are twisted in combined in a unique enough way that they cater to the aimed audience rather than falling into the category of cliche’.

It is a definite work in progress, and thus areas that could use some improvement.  At times the characters seem ignorant for the sake of the plot which forces the reader to either think the character is an idiot or lives in an alternate dimension where vampire myths exist but are far more obscure than they are in our world.

Quality of the Prose:  The prose is written like a stereotypical PI story (think one of those corny PI black and white shoes with the voice over), but for some reason I find it really works.  The voice of the protagonist is very interesting and engaging, especially since the PI is female rather than male.  And while there’s a lot of internal monologuing, there’s a good balance between show and tell.    The grammar could use some polishing but for a work-in-progress, it is excellent.

Genre: Vampire PI Adult Fiction with strong female lead.


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