Reading Recommendations – Devil Went Down

Available on: Amazon  Price:  $4.95 on Kindle

Synposis:  Lucifer’s servant, the devilishly handsome Dameon Capello is assigned to seduce, impregnate and abandon the sweet and innocent Emma Clare Grace.  The problem is that she is awakening feelings in him, and he’s struggling to complete his mission.

Overall Story Quality:  A real page turner.  There are elements of this story that I do wish she would have lingered on longer, but overall Sheri succeeds in telling a very unique and original paranormal romance told from the male prospective.   Part 1 is great.  While Part 2 is entertaining, I prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist.  It feels more contrived and had events that had me shouting “No!!!!!!”

Quality of the Prose:   It’s easy to read and sucks the reader right into the story.  In terms of grammar, the thing is nearly flawless.  This is the quality I’d expect from publishing house rather than a self-published author.

Genre:  Christian Paranormal Romance and More that should be enjoyable to a non-Christian audience.

Other:  Book contains sexual content and violence.  Events happen at a college setting.  This book could be considered either YA or New Adult.  I wouldn’t give it the label New Adult though as that category is still heavily associated with erotica which this book definitely is not.


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